Free Golf Games For Android


What is the best golf app for Android?

The best golf apps for Android and iOS

  • 18Birdies: Golf GPS App. You can use this app as a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, and stat tracker. ...
  • Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer. This app is designed to help you to record your strokes and improve your golf swing. ...
  • Golf GPS SwingU. ...
  • Hole19. ...
  • mScorecard. ...
  • GolfNow: Tee Time Deals. ...
  • Golf Live 24. ...

What is the best free golf distance app?

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What are the Best Golf GPS apps?

Best Golf GPS Apps

  • TheGrint. Do you prefer a golf application with easy to understand user interface? If yes, you need to look at this option.
  • Hole 19. The next app on our list is once again one of the free golf GPS apps. It goes by the name of Hole19.
  • Golf Logix. If you do not mind shelling out a few dollars, this GPS app can serve you well. ...

What is the best golf handicap app?

The best tech for golfing fans: from rangefinders to simulators

  • Rangefinders. Unless you have a world-class caddie, studying distances from tee to green won’t come naturally – and knowing distances means knowing what club to use.
  • Trackers and metrics. No matter the sport, everyone needs a measuring system to work out what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong.
  • Home simulators. ...

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