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A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink with a white or gray ...History of newspaper publishing · Lists of newspapers · Newspaper of record · List

History of newspaper publishing - Wikipedia

The modern newspaper is a European invention. The oldest direct handwritten news sheets circulated widely in Venice as early as 1566.16th century to 1800 · Modern newspapers since 1800 · Latin America · Asia

History of American newspapers - Wikipedia

The history of American newspapers begins in the early 18th century with the publication of the first colonial newspapers. American newspapers began as ...Colonial period · Revolutionary epoch and early... · The press in the Party System...

History of journalism - Wikipedia

Newspapers (and to a lesser extent, magazines) have always been the primary medium of journalists since the 18th century, radio and television in the 20th ...

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History of German journalism · History of newspaper publishing ... History of British newspapers · Burney Collection of Newspapers ...

News (newspaper) - Wikipedia

History and operations[edit]. The newspaper was launched on 5 December 2007. Like other Swiss commuter newspapers, it was available ...Political alignment: Neutral

Decline of newspapers - Wikipedia

"Perhaps never in the history of newspaper publishing has a single, commercial entity threatened to exert this much control over the destiny of the press," ...

History of British newspapers - Wikipedia

The history of British newspapers dates to the 17th century with the emergence of regular publications covering news and gossip.

Newspapers in the United States - Wikipedia

History[edit]. Main article: History of American newspapers. Further information: Early American publishers and printers.

News - Wikipedia

See also: History of newspapers and magazines. The spread of paper and the printing press from China to Europe preceded a major ...

List of the oldest newspapers - Wikipedia

Still published. The same paper has been through several name changes in its history but remains the same print product. Today, the Monroe Publishing Company is ...

History of American journalism - Wikipedia

The first successful newspaper, The Boston News-Letter, was launched in 1704. This time, the founder was John Campbell, the local ...

News media - Wikipedia

History[edit] ... The first newspaper written in English was The Weekly Newes, ... Several papers followed in the 1640s and 1650s.

Newspaper of record - Wikipedia

Newspapers of public record[edit]. A "newspaper of public record", sometimes referred to as ... The term "newspaper of record" evolved from its original literal sense to ...

News of the World - Wikipedia

The News of the World was a weekly national red top tabloid newspaper published every Sunday ... also included a 48-page pullout documenting the history of the paper.

Magazine - Wikipedia

They were general interest to begin, containing some news, vignettes, poems, history, political events, and social discussion. Unlike newspapers, they were more ...

History of French journalism - Wikipedia

Newspapers have played a major role in French politics, economy and society since the 17th century. Contents. 1 1789-1815: Revolutionary era.

The Independent - Wikipedia

The Independent is a British online newspaper. It was established in 1986 as a national ... 1 History. 1.1 1986 to 1990; 1.2 1990–1999 ... History[edit].

Associated Press - Wikipedia

History[edit] ... The Associated Press was formed in May 1846 by five daily newspapers in New York City to share the cost of transmitting news of the Mexican– ...

Hindustan Times - Wikipedia

According to Prem Shankar Jha who wrote an official history of the newspaper in 1999, most of the early funding of the paper, therefore, ...

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