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Doublespace (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

Double spacing, the inclusion of a full line of space between each line of text; Double spacing at the end of sentences, a typographical convention. Topics ...

Dual space - Wikipedia

When applied to vector spaces of functions (which are typically infinite-dimensional), dual spaces are used to describe measures, distributions, and Hilbert ...‎Algebraic dual space · ‎Injection into the double-dual · ‎Continuous dual space

DriveSpace - Wikipedia

DriveSpace (initially known as DoubleSpace) is a disk compression utility supplied with MS-DOS starting from version 6.0 in 1993. The purpose of DriveSpace ...‎Overview · ‎Bugs and data loss · ‎Add-ons · ‎Later versions

Sentence spacing - Wikipedia

Proponents of double sentence spacing state that the extra space between sentences enhances readability by providing clearer breaks between sentences and making ...‎Modern literature · ‎Computer era · ‎Controversy · ‎Effects on readability and...

Template:Double+space - Wikipedia

Its purpose is to slightly space the single and double quotation marks apart for legibility, without actually inserting a space character. It does this with CSS ...

History of sentence spacing - Wikipedia

English spacing removed spaces around most punctuation marks, but double-spaced after sentences, colons, and semicolons. These approximations were taught and ...

Double Tools for DoubleSpace - Wikipedia

Double Tools for DoubleSpace is a software utility released in 1993 by the Menlo Park-based company Addstor, Inc. The utility functioned as an add-on to the ...

3 Ways to Double Space - wikiHow

Method 1. Method 1 of 3: Double Spacing in Microsoft Word · Highlight the text you want to double space. · Click on Line and Paragraph Spacing, which can be found ...

DoubleSpace | Software Wiki

DoubleSpace was the original name of the disk compression software that was supplied with MS-DOS starting from version 6.0. The purpose of DoubleSpace was ...

Inadvertent Double Spacing in Wiki - TechNet

Jan 14, 2009 · 6 postsAll subsequent presses of the Enter key become double-spaced. - Solution: 1. Change default Sharepoint rich-text editor to Rad Editor. As part ...

Double-space definition and meaning - Collins Dictionary

Double-space definition: to type ( copy ) with a full space between lines | Meaning, pronunciation, ... Retrieved from Wikipedia CC BY-SA 3.0 ...

Meaning of double-space in English

3 days ago — There are also functions to move the cursor forward or backward to the next double-space in the text. From. Wikipedia.

What is a Double Space? - Computer Hope

Dec 31, 2020 — Double space may refer to any of the following: 1. In text formatting, a double space means sentences contain a full blank line (the ...Missing: wiki ‎| Must include: wiki

Command/setupinterlinespace - Wiki - ConTeXt Garden

Description. \setupinterlinespace sets up the distance between lines. can be used in three variants: Without any keywords: \setupinterlinespace

Formatting In Wikis

Just put * or # as well as a space before each item in the list. ... a double dash to display as a double dash rather than making the text strikethrough, ... - Scribus Wiki

Nov 6, 2016 — Here is a script coming out of a discussion on the mailing list. The question was how to search and replace double spaces with single spaces ...

Doublespace sucks. - Wiki - Giant Bomb

Jul 1, 2013 — Is there a way/option/setting so that doublespace lines are turned off? Even when I hold shift down and hit enter to do a single line, ...

In a Moodle wiki is there a way to double space a numeric list?

Jan 9, 2007 — To clarify the question, in the default Moodle 1.7 Wiki (based on Erfurt Wiki), numeric lists seem to only work if they are single space.

WordPress FAQ - Evergreen Help Wiki

Jan 15, 2020 — Is there a way to make it single spaced? Answer: If you hit return when editing text word press will put in a double space - in the html it ...

Help:Formatting - MediaWiki

Dec 4, 2021 — You can format your text by using wiki markup. This consists of normal characters like asterisks, apostrophes, or equal signs which have a ...

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