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Lu Xun then secretly conveyed his plan to Zhuge Jin and ordered him to supervise the fleet of vessels on which they would sail back to Wu, while he gathered his troops and headed towards Xiangyang. The Wei forces had been wary of Lu Xun all this while so they immediately retreated back into the city when they saw Lu Xun's army approaching. › wiki › Qian_XuanQian Xuan - Wikipedia

Biography. Qian Xuan started as an aspiring scholar-official during the rule of the Southern Song (960–1279). However, he had difficulty climbing the ranks of officialdom. When the Mongol-founded Yuan Dynasty took over the southern regions of China in 1276, he effectively gave up on the idea of a civil administration career.

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Biography Dr. Jian Zhang is an Assistant Professor (Ph. D. Supervisor) with the School of Electronic and Computer Engineering (SECE), Shenzhen Graduate School, Peking University, Shenzhen, China. He is now leading the V isual-Information I ntelligent L earning L A B ( V I L L A 课题组) at PKU. › people › liu郭得科 - Prof. Deke Guo - GreenOrbs

[TKDE] Deke Guo, Yunhao Liu, Xiangyang Li, Panlong Yang. False Negative Problem of Counting Bloom Filter. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), 2010, 22 (5): 651-664. (pdf) [COMNET] Deke Guo, Xiaoqiang Teng, Zhiyao Hu, Junjie Xie. Source Selection Problem in Multi-Source Multi-Destination Multicasting.

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