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Liu Bei ruled as emperor for less than three years. In 222, he launched a campaign against Sun Quan to retake Jing Province and avenge Guan Yu, culminating in the Battle of Xiaoting.However, due to grave tactical mistakes, Liu Bei suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Sun Quan's general, Lu Xun, and lost the bulk of his army.He survived the battle and retreated to …

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For factions in other Total War games, see Factions. Total War: Three Kingdoms has dozens of playable factions, and well over a hundred non-playable ones. Below is the full list of every faction in the game at the start of all campaigns. They are sorted by start date and split into two tables: Playable and Non-Playable. The tables' individual categories can also be sorted. Factions are ...

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Su Ze (died 223), courtesy name Wenshi, was an official of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Born in the late Eastern Han dynasty, he started his career as the Administrator of various commanderies in northwest China and is best known for governing Jincheng Commandery (covering parts of present-day Gansu and Qinghai) between 215 and 220.

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