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How old is Kirsten Rausing?

69 years (June 6, 1952)

Kirsten Rausing / Age

Where do the rausings live?

The Rausing family are a wealthy Swedish family, best known for the Tetra Pak founder Ruben Rausing. Several members of the family now live in the United Kingdom.

Rausing family - Wikipedia > wiki > Rausing_family

Who Is Julia Rausing?

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust is a charitable fund supporting organisations and initiatives that provide benefit to society in the UK. The Trust exists to realise the philanthropy of Hans Rausing and Julia Rausing. Since its formation, it has provided over 600 grants totalling more than £250 million.

About the Trust - The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust > about-the-trust

How much is the Rausing family worth?

By the time of his death in August 2019, Forbes estimated the net worth of Rausing and his family to be $12 billion.

Hans Rausing - Wikipedia > wiki > Hans_Rausing

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