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Demi Lovato. ::Quick Facts. Born : August 20, 1992; Career: Singer. Demetria Devonne Lovato is an American singer and actress.

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What is Demi Lovato's real name?

Demi Lovato real name is Demetria Devonne Lovato. She is also famous from other names as Demi, Mc D Love, DDLovato, Demi Rock. She was born on August 20, 1992 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, United State .

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Who inspired Demi Lovato to become a singer?

And although Lovato is an inspiration to thousands, she herself is inspired by many of her peers. The singer admitted that one of her biggest female inspirations is none other than American Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson. "She's just got an incredible voice," Lovato explained.

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Why did Demi Lovato become famous?

Demi Lovato became famous when she became a Disney Star way back in 2007. She started working with the Disney Channel and because of that, she landed a short part on the television show called "As The Bell Rings". The role she was playing ended but she was then discovered.


What is Demi Lovato's ethnic background?

Demi Lovato’s nationality is American and her ethnicity is Hispanic. Demi comes from a diverse background. She is one percent of African Descent and is 16 percent of Scandinavian descent. She also has Irish and Italian descent.


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