Inside Olivia Rodrigo's Debut Campaign: She Named Glossier's First Celebrity Face

Olivia Rodrigo Glossier campaign

Credit: Stevie Dance

Olivia Rodrigo influences millions of fans with her music, Y2K fashions and bold beauty choices.

Already this year the 19-year-old singer-songwriter released her documentary driving home 2 U (a SOUR film) on Disney+, took home three Grammy awards including Best New Artist and embarked on her global Sour Tour.

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Now, she's bringing her mega influence to the beauty space as the first-ever celebrity face of Glossier, fronting a campaign and collection that celebrates individuality and embraces self-expression.

To kick-off the partnership, Glossier launched the "You Look Good" campaign, "which celebrates the sentiment that, when you feel good, you look good, and vice versa," according to the brand.

"If I could send a note to the Glossier community, I'd say, you look good exactly as you are," Rodrigo noted in the press release.

Olivia Rodrigo Glossier campaign

Credit: Stevie Dance

Today, Glossier also released a home-movie inspired campaign video directed by Stevie Dance.

"Oh my gosh, I'm such a Pisces," the "deja vu" singer says in the beginning of the short film. In a montage of clips capturing Rodrigo dancing and doing her makeup, she opens up about what makes her feel her best including winged eyeliner which is "her favorite thing in the world."



Alongside the campaign, the partnership includes a curated set filled with the "good for u" singer's Glossier must-have products. Aptly titled Olivia's Favorites ($45), the three product set includes the Boy Brow eyebrow pomade (which she called "the most iconic Glossier product…" in her Vogue Beauty Secretsvideo last year), the Ultralip hydrating shine and color and the Pro Tip liquid eyeliner.

"I always feel the best when I'm in makeup that enhances what I have naturally," the SOUR artist noted in a press release of her go-to products (which also includes Glossier's Stretch Concealer in the shade G10 and Beauty Bag, as reported by Vogue).

Olivia Rodrigo Glossier campaign

Credit: Stevie Dance

"You Look Good" is an organic extension of Rodrigo's love for the Glossier and both her and the brand's beauty philosophy, which honors beauty on the outside and within.

 "[The partnership] is also an extension of Glossier's people-first approach to beauty with [the brand] and Olivia initially connecting over the belief that beauty is above all, celebrating where you're at today and taking pride in your beauty journey," the company noted in a press release.

"We see many parallels between Glossier's come-as-you-are ethos, Olivia's candor, relatability, and the tell-it-like-it-is nature of her songwriting. Olivia, like Glossier, believes in looking and feeling good while finding joy in taking care of yourself."

Later this year, Glossier plans to collaborate with Rodrigo on a series of tour experiences and merchandise as well as custom product sets and content.

Olivia Rodrigo Glossier campaign

Credit: Stevie Dance

Since launching to musical superstardom, Rodrigo has had a strong influence on Gen Z beauty, especially with her Y2K inspired makeup. She hit the 64th Grammy Awards red carpet in a 2000s inspired corset dress designed by Vivienne Westwood that was completed with a Glossier makeup look.

Grammy Awards Arrivals

Olivia Rodrigo | Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty

"Oh my gosh…when I was 14 or so, I was obsessed with doing makeup and I would do the craziest makeup," Rodrigo told Vogue of the bold winged eyeliner, heavy contour, thick brows and over-lined lips that defined her makeup routine as a young teenager. "But that was me doing my expression and doing what I loved, I guess."

"Very recently I started doing makeup just for myself," she added. "Making decisions for yourself and by yourself is something that we're all sort of learning how to do. I think makeup is an extension of that."

And her Glossier "You Look Good" campaign seems to be a culmination of that authenticity.

Source: People

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