Upland Explained: UPX, Roadmap And How To Play The Game Changer Blockchain-Based Game?

The project leverages blockchain technology to tie each property within the upland world. It allows users to buy the virtual property and, in return, earn UPX coins. Users can also purchase digital assets within the game with either fiat or cryptocurrency and also trade assets with other players.

What Is Upland? 

Upland is a blockchain-based game that allows users to buy, sell and trade virtual properties that are mapped to the real world by becoming a digital land owner. Upland started its journey in June 2019 with selected properties in San Francisco, and a limited number of individuals were granted access as beta testers.

Upland’s initial version has gained a lot of global attraction, and people have shown their excitement to play the game, proving it to be a success. 

The project leverages blockchain technology to tie each property within the upland world. It allows users to buy the virtual property and, in return, earn UPX coins. Users can also purchase digital assets within the game with either fiat or cryptocurrency and also trade assets with other players. 


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For some time, Upland didn’t allow users to cash out the UPX tokens; all you could do was reinvest it in other properties, which, in turn, resulted in more UPX. However, this issue is now resolved as Upland has partnered with Tilia pace, which assists game developers in creating in-world economies and monetizing their interaction with other users. This partnership has benefited in a way that now they can convert their holdings back into real-world value, hence bridging the gap between the real world and the digital world.

Tilia pay supports PayPal as the main payment mechanism, enabling players to buy NFT representations of real estate in the virtual land of Upland and sell it for real USD Dollars. 

Upland aims to create a market-based digital economy that breaks the barriers between real and digital worlds. With an aim to reach a wider audience, the upland application is available on both web, iOS, and Android. 

Future Of Upland:

In an exclusive interview with Thecoinrepublic, Dirk Lueth, the founder of Upland, when asked what he thinks the company will be in the next five-ten years, revealed that the team definitely wants to take the project on a global level. There are a couple of issues with the project that the team is working on and aims to solve in the near future. 

Upland intends to make the NFTs portable to other blockchains. Decisions will be more decentralized as the in-game economy and ecosystem grows.. 

Why Should You Be A Player On Upland? 

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Upland, as a blockchain-based game, appeals to different variety of players, as they mention in their whitepaper:

Uplands allow users to trade, negotiate and deal with properties. Uplands provide a fun way to play location-based experiences.Upland enables a new type of value creation and exchange whereby participating in a real-world economy where decentralized transactions between stakeholders happen. Upland also mirrors the real-life collectibles and limited-edition art by giving an appreciation of collectibles within the game.Upland gives users a chance to own the same property in both real life and Upland or even the pleasure of owning the virtual luxury properties that would be impossible to buy in real life.  What is UPX?‍

UPX is used in the Upland world for various purposes, including buying rare and unique NFTs in the Upland store, minting properties, and powering in-game activities such as sends, marketplace transactions, and a lot more. UPX is the base on which the Upland Economy is based. 

UPX is an in-game currency that can be purchased through third-party providers. In the near future, users will be able to buy UPX through cryptocurrencies.

How To Play In Upland?

Upland has a tier system:


All players begin their journey on Upland as visitors. It is the primary stage in Upland. In this phase, the user’s Upland account is associated with an EOS account owned by Upland, meaning that Upland owns the private key for that account. In order to support visitor activity, Upland has a pool of such accounts. 

In case a visitor does no activity for more than seven days, the assets present in that particular account are recycled back in favor of the community. 

Source: Upland 


Visitors become Uplanders when they accumulate a net worth (UPX balance and value of owned property combined) of 10,000 UPX

After this, a new private key is generated by Upland smart clients that are private to that Uplander and unreadable to the Upland backend and creates a dedicated EOS account to be associated with their Upland account, giving true ownerships to the users.

Meet The Upland Team 

Dirk Lueth 

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Dirk Lueth is the co-founder of Upland and holds experience of two decades. He has also worked with and co-founded various startups with venture capital investment institutions that hold the value of millions of USD.

Mani Honigstein

Source: Upland 

Mani Honigstein co-founded Upland and has a working experience of over a decade in the gaming industry. Honigstein has also acted as the CEO and advisor for multiple companies. 

Idan Zuckerman

Source: Upland 

Upland also has a third founder, Idan Zuckerman, who has worked as an analyst in IT for three years. Idan also has working experience as a product president for eight years and an R&D vice-president for six years in different gaming companies.

Roadmap For Upland:

According to Upland’s official website, the following projects are in progress for Upland:

Venture Dues Mod. NFLPA Fan Shops. NFT Galleries. NFLPA Fan Shops. Legit Collections. Autographs  Replicas.  Upland’s Relief Fund For Ukraine

Upland has announced a relief fund for Ukraine. In an official statement, Upland team said that the people of Mykolayiv are going through “unimaginable hardship, grief, and threats to their well-being.” The announcement further stated that Upland has found a direct way to help these people and directly contribute to relief resources without any intermediaries involved. 

The updates regarding Upland will be updated on the community portals for Upland. Upland hosted sales and auctions to raise funds on March 4th, 2022. 

Upland also invites members of the Upland community and other individuals who want to show support for their team members in Ukraine to join their discord channel, #stand-with-ukraine.

Source: Thecoinrepublic

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