Kim Kardashian Releases Insanely Hot 'SKIMS' Photos In The Middle Of Pete Davidson Drama

Kim Kardashian just dropped a smoking hot set of pictures wearing her signature ‘SKIMS’ line, amid rumors she is keeping Pete Davidson away from his ‘SNL’ rehearsals.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star splashed the stunning set of photos on Instagram, which included her sporting the undergarments inside of a private jet.

In the photos, Kim is sporting a skin-tight light grey shorts suit, leaving little to the imagination. Kardashian strikes her signature pose making a kissy face and throwing up two peace signs, with the beautiful sunset visible out of the jet’s window.

Kim Kardashian Flaunts Stunning Physique In New ‘SKIMS’ Pictures


Let’s assume that the pictures are taken on Kim’s voyage across the country, where she is spending time with her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Pedashian (our nickname for the couple) has been spotted hanging in New York, Los Angeles, and the Bahamas over the past few weeks. Ya, it pays to have access to a private jet on a whim. Also, Kim owns the clothing company, which provides comfortable undergarments to consumers — also, perfect for long flights.

“Just dropped NEW @skims Outdoor! Shop now at SKIMS.COM,” Kim captioned the hotshots.

Although this is obviously just an online commercial for her clothing line, the timing is everything!

 Kim Kardashian STUNS In Mind-Blowing Bikini Photos!


As we reported, Pete Davidson is being accused of missing ‘Saturday Night Live’ rehearsals to spend time with Ms. Kardashian. A source told The Sun, Pete was “annoying” his colleagues at ‘SNL’ and was acting like a “diva.”

A spokesperson for the show denied the allegations, saying Davidson has NOT missed any show rehearsals and will be featured on this week’s episode of the sketch comedy show.

Still, Kim isn’t one to miss a moment for good media coverage — and dropped several heartstopping bikini photos followed by this private jet gem. It appears the pictures are from her trip to the islands with Mr. Davidson, and she even sported a black hat with a “P” emblazoned on the front of it.

Khloe Kardashian Comments On Kim’s Hot Private Jet Photoshoot — ‘I See You!’


Khloe Kardashian jumped into the comments to react to Kim’s massive private jet, simply saying, “I see you. Ok PJ!!!!”

As you can imagine, fans were all about the photos, with one saying, “Let’s go, babe!! Catching flights not feelings right!!” Another joked, “The things I would do to be that chair queen.”

As we reported, Pedashian’s newfound love hasn’t been all roses and hearts, after Kim’s ex-husband — Kanye West — went on the offense and dropped Pete’s name in one of his new tracks. “God saved me from that crash/ Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a–,” the lyric read, apparently referring to the 2002 car accident that broke his jaw. But, Davidson isn’t fazed by the threats and thinks the whole thing is hilarious.

Pete Davidson NOT Missing ‘SNL’ Rehearsal To Be With Kim Kardashian


Remember, this isn’t the first time Davidson has dated a rich and famous person. The ‘SNL’ comedian has been connected to Ariana Grande, Cazzie David, Kaia Gerber, and even Kate Beckinsale.

The bottom line, is these pictures are fire. Here are a few more from Kim and Pete’s travels.

 ‘P’ Is For PETE Davidson — See The Insane Bikini Shots!


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