Fortnite: All Comic Book Items Have Been Added to the Game

For Fortnite, it makes sense that the biggest game in the world would want to crossover with one of the biggest entertainment mediums.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest grossing movie franchise on the planet right now, and DC's slate of cinematic outings, while not everyone's cup of tea, still makes a solid return on investment at the box office. It only makes sense, then, that they'd want to team up with Fortnite, one of the biggest video games around.

Over the last three years, beginning with Fortnite's Infinity War crossover, the mainstay comic companies have enjoyed a very open partnership with Epic Games, allowing them to use a vast range of comic book skins and items, all coinciding with various upcoming movie releases. And while some of these items are still remembered fondly today, there are a few that may have slipped past a player's radar.

All of The DC Comics Items In Fortnite

Batman Fortnite Crossover Event

The first DC-Fortnite crossover occurred in 2019 during Fortnite's "Season X." The first crossover saw Batman and Catwoman make their way to the Island, bringing with them Batman's iconic Grapnel Gun, and his Explosive Batarang. These items could be found in-game and used for traversal and taking down opponents.

Over the last two years, DC Comics and Fortnite have been extremely busy, bringing its playerbase a wide range of unlockable DC cosmetic items. These range from items based on the CW's Flash, to items based on the Aquaman movie, and everything in between. This is every DC Comics cosmetic item that has been added to the game so far:

Harvesting Tools:

Aquaman's Trident Axe-tral Form Bad Joke Batman Pickaxe Boxing Glove Arrow Harley Hitter Ivy Axe Joker's Revenge Punch Line Cat's Claws Manta Blades Speed Force Slashers


Batglider Batwing Catwing Soaring Soul-Self All of The Marvel Comics Items In Fortnite

marvel heroes together in fortnite

Marvel's history with Fortnite goes back a little further than DC's, with its "Infinity Gauntlet" event marking the first collaboration. This event saw players rush to grab an Infinity Gauntlet item that would transform the player into Thanos, giving them the various powers of the Infinity Stones.

The Infinity Gauntlet returned in Fortnite's Endgame collaboration, where players could use an array of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' weapons to defeat their opponents. Hawkeye's Bow, Captain America's Shield, Thor's Stormbreaker Axe, and Iron Man's Repulsors were all useable items in this game mode.

About a year later, Fortnite released a Deadpool themed event, in which players were tasked with defeating the Merc With a Mouth. Once defeated, Deadpool dropped his Dual Hand Cannons, which were Mythic versions of the Dual Pistol weapon in the game. A unique quirk of the weapon was that it healed the player 3 HP upon each successful hit.

Just as DC does, Marvel also has a wide range of cosmetic items that are present in the game. Although, Marvel does have a significantly higher number of items when compared to its comic competitor DC. This is every Marvel cosmetic item in Fortnite so far:

Harvesting Tools:

Alpha Staff Copycat's Sword Guardian Axe Hand of Lightning Mark 85 Energy Blade Mjolnir Proto-Adamantium Shield Psi Blade Silver Surfer Pickaxe Staff of Doom Sword of the Daywalker Symbiote Slasher Toothpick Unstoppable Force Widow's Bite Adamantium Claws Daredevil's Billy Clubs Gilded Morphic Blades Groot's Sap Axes Hammers of Justice Hulk Smashers Meaty Mallets Probability Daggers Soulfire Chain Vibranium Daggers Widow's Fangs


Arcane Energy Glider Avengers Quinjet Dayflier Gathering Storm Mark 90 Flight Pack Mjolnir's Path Nexus War Glider Power of Mar-Vell Psi-Rider Root Wing Silver Surfer's Surfboard The Devil's Wings The MCG The Milano The Widowmaker

If this monumental slate of items is anything to go by, then the comic book future of Fortnite is incredibly bright. And with the latest "Winterfest" event adding Spider-Man's Web Shooters and web-swinging mechanics, it seems like this Fortnite-comic book train is far from slowing down.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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