Kim Kardashian’s Latest Accessories Are Bound to be Polarizing

Would you wear them?

Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is known to wear controversial clothing well before they become a mainstream trend. Take bike shorts: She was one of the first stars to wear them as a fashion statement a few years back, and in a 2019 Vogue video, Kardashian recalled being ridiculed for it. “I remember everyone made fun of me for these bike shorts,” Kardashian said. “Then, of course, everyone was wearing it two years later.” Her latest experimental accessories, however, make bike shorts look like a plain white tee in comparison. 

Yesterday, she first emerged in New York City wearing Balenciaga’s black, utilitarian cargo dress with pointed boots and a sparkly bag. (Kardashian has been wearing Balenciaga all week long, continuing her strong love affair with the label.) But it was her sunglasses that really made the look. The sculptural shades made her resemble a high-fashion Batman. Later in the day, she then changed outfits, slipping into a sleek blank tank and leggings, oversized tweed coat, and fuzzy bag. Again, it was all about the statement accessory: She finished off the fit with over-the-knee boots that are part-spandex, part-denim. Why not? Y/Project has made denim underwear in the past, so it’s only natural that Balenciaga do a stretchy thigh-high next.

Photo: Getty Images

We get it—these avant-garde pieces are not everyone's cup of tea. But even though bug-eyed sunglasses and form-fitting denim boots may not be the first thing you’re buying this fall, we wouldn’t discount them entirely. If history tells us anything, it’s that Kardashian’s unexpected pieces will be trending in just a few months from now. It’s simply the Kim K way.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire