How Jenn Tardif Finds Mindfulness In Motherhood

Jenn Tardif of 3rd Ritual credits her daughter Lola for solidifying some of her most important mantras.

Jenn Tardif has gone through several life transformations. She is the founder of 3rd Ritual, a collective with the mission statement, “when you move half as fast, you notice twice as much.” To achieve that state of zen, the hub offers workshops focused on guided meditation that helps during times of transitions, as well as an array of creams that are both soothing for the skin and also the soul.

Before Tardif launched 3rd Ritual, she got her start working selling software while teaching yoga and meditation on the side. Eventually, she left her tech world to start the company in 2018. “Making the leap was scary as it meant sacrificing the stability of working for a large company,” says Tardif. “But the return has been priceless: a master's in making meaning from the otherwise mundane.” Another major life change that occurred during that time? Having a child, her now three-year-old daughter Lola. Motherhood has allowed Tardif to “practice what I preach.” In other words, she puts the phone down—and the distractions that it holds—and refocuses her energy and brain into what truly matters.

Here, see what motherhood tools Tardif swears by, whether that is a few minutes of aromatherapy or shopping for pre-loved finds for her daughter.

Tardif wearing Creature of Comfort pajamas while cooking with her daughter, Lola. Photo: Courtesy of Jenn Tardif

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Liana Satenstein