Kate Hudson Loves Fashion as Much as You Do

The actor and newly minted brand ambassador for Stuart Weitzman is in her fashion prime.


Acting may have made Kate Hudson a household name, but she’s always been an active part of the fashion community. Whether seated front row during the collections, bringing runway looks to the red carpet during awards season, or building an athleisure empire with Fabletics, when Hudson speaks of her relationship with style, it comes from a place of creative admiration. “I have such a deep appreciation for fashion,” she says over the phone from Los Angeles. “I love clothes and the experience of putting on something beautiful, seeing the love that artists—and I consider designers artists—put into everything they create.” 

It helps, then, that Hudson’s appreciation for design aligns perfectly with her latest role. As a newly announced global ambassador for Stuart Weitzman, Hudson is the star of the brand’s 2021 holiday campaign. Created by a team of fashion legends including photographer Craig McDean and stylist Alex White, the ads channel the sexy, carefree vibe of early-aughts editorials. “It felt like we went back to the 2000s,” says Hudson. “Some of my favorite things come from that time, when fashion had this sense of desire, the need to feel liberated.” Shot atop a Los Angeles skyscraper, the ultra-glamorous shoot allowed Hudson to vamp it up. “There’s a mystery to these pictures; they honor that strong, sensual, female energy we all possess,” she says. “It’s about showing that side of yourself, and Craig did such a great job of capturing that.” 

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Janelle Okwodu