The First Customer at the New Susan Alexandra Store? Ziwe

We catch up with the comedian and actor at the Lower East Side’s most exciting new retail destination.

Welcome to Shopping With Voguea series in which we sift through a fashion lover’s favorite store. For this edition, we shop with Ziwe at the newly opened Susan Alexandra store at 33 Orchard Street. 

Comedian, actor, and writer Ziwe Fumudoh loves creations by Susan Korn—better known by her label name as Susan Alexandra—and so do I. The designer’s beaded bags are like a wearable candyland for stylish downtown babes. Think of her as the Judith Leiber of today, creating shiny and saucy treats for ladies who frequent the Lower East Side. But to really experience the Susan Alexandra world in all its glory, you’ll have to visit her newly opened store located on 33 Orchard Street.

And there’s no better person to experience Korn’s store first than Ziwe. Her humor and quick wit, which first reached a wider audience on her Instagram live shows during the pandemic, led to Ziwe hosting her very own late-night variety show, produced by A24 and Showtime. Ziwe is hilarious, a bucket full of wholesome funny one-liners, but she has bite. End up on her show as a subject, and you’ll feel the heat—even if you’ve been around the media block, like her guests Fran Lebowitz and Gloria Steinem.

Photo: Courtesy of Fiona Luo

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Liana Satenstein