From the Met Gala to Custom Engagement Rings, Evangeline AdaLioryn’s Jewelry Is Turning Heads

Los Angeles-based designer Evangeline AdaLioryn makes out-of-this-world jewelry with a biomorphic edge.

In September, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the actress Hunter Schafer walked onto the red carpet as if it were a rocket to the moon. Styled by Law Roach for the 2021 Met Gala, the Euphoria star wore a metallic midriff-baring two-piece ensemble inspired by Prada’s spring 1999 collection, featuring a curved corset top and an ankle-length skirt inlaid with rectangular jewels arranged like the diodes and fuses on a circuit board. 

The cyborg look was a standout, calling to mind the dystopian dreams of American retrofuturism, but what really got folks talking was the nearly fist-sized chunk of metal shimmering between her pupils, which were veiled by white contact lenses: On the bridge of Schafer’s nose rested a massive, many-tendrilled white-gold brooch by the rising Los Angeles-based designer Evangeline AdaLioryn, held in place by invisible wires tied to hidden braids and a dollop of special effects glue. Cradled at its center was a gigantic aquamarine, which seemed to absorb the light of the surrounding flash photography like vital life energy or a generator.

Hunter Shafer at the 2021 Met Gala wearing a piece of facial jewelry by Evangeline AdaLioryn

Photographed by Daniel Arnold

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Coco Romack