Katy Perry on Her Halloween Costume, New Campaign, and Etsy Finds for Her Daughter

The singer, who re-recorded The Beatles’ classic “All You Need is Love” for Gap’s holiday campaign, has a busy holiday season.

Katy Perry is a master of playing dress up. The singer makes just as many headlines for her love of eccentric costumes and performance looks as she does for her music. Remember her hot cheeto Halloween costume? Or her hamburger ensemble for the Met Gala? She’s even dressed up as hand sanitizer for American Idol. So naturally, we’re on the edge of our seats wondering what she’ll pull out this year for the holidays. “For Halloween, I definitely have a very topical costume,” she shared with Vogue. “I like to hit the summary of the year on the head and it’s very goofy as I go. There’s two ways to go, either a little bit slutty or a little bit weird, and I always tend to lean weird.” 

Fair enough. But before she dresses up for the 31st, she’s dressed down in a new holiday campaign for Gap. For the brand’s holiday 2021 campaign, the singer re-recorded a version of The Beatles’ classic “All You Need Is Love” and starred in a commercial directed by Mark Romanek. For that clip, which is a dream come true for Perry, she’s seen rocking out in a pair of bubblegum pink sweats surrounded by real-life couples dancing and kissing in the fake snow. “It’s a bit of a full circle moment because my first ever paying job, aside from cleaning houses or something like that, was at a Gap in Santa Barbara,” Perry says. “I would fold the fleeces during the Holidays. The Gap had these playlists that had all these up-and-coming artists in it. Like I dreamed about making that playlist. The idea that I get to be in a Gap commercial, it was a bucket list moment.” 

It’s a big moment, but also one that Perry sees as almost a rite of passage. “I feel like these Gap commercials are iconic,” she says. “You’ve seen them for decades and all my icons have been in one. Orlando [Bloom, Perry’s partner] was in one of them. I finally got my own moment.”  For each stream of her cover of “All You Need Is Love,” Gap will donate $1 to Baby2Baby (up to $100,000), a non-profit that supports children living in poverty. “[My daughter is ] really why I picked Baby2Baby for the Gap campaign,” Perry says. “I know firsthand how much you want to give to your child and there are people who don’t have the means.”

Throughout the commercial, she wears classic Gap outfits: a black hoodie to work out; a denim jacket, sweatshirt, and baseball cap; but it’s capped off by those bright pink sweats. It’s a costuming change for Perry. “I felt really cool wearing Gap sweats to perform,” she says, adding, “If I get the opportunity to glam up or wear hair and makeup, I’m like ‘okay, let’s find something with the sequins.’ But, I put on some fuchsia sweats and it feels good.” 

There’s sure to be plenty of sequins in Perry’s future, as she’s embarking on a Vegas residency called PLAY, starting on December 29 and running through March. “I’m prepping for that so I’m not having a ton of downtime except for the couple of days around the holidays,” she says, later adding, “I am actually creating these incredible costumes for my residency coming up that are larger than life and really lean into the Vegas-ness.” As for what’s in her cart for the holidays? “The truth is I’m always on Etsy looking for a handcrafted cute moment. I’ve favorited a couple of gingerbread dresses for my daughter. Just adorable things.” Gotta start them young!  

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Sarah Spellings