Angelina Is an Eternal Versace Girl

No one could really predict the level of sheer jaw-dropping exquisiteness we witnessed on the red carpet

It seems fitting that Angelina Jolie commissioned Versace to create her an otherworldly look for the Rome Film Festival premiere of The Eternals, Marvel’s latest superhero outing, but no one could have predicted the level of sheer jaw-dropping exquisiteness we witnessed on the red carpet.

Casting blingtastic shade on anyone and everyone lounging in a tracksuit on Sunday night, Jolie, who plays the warrior Thena in the new comic blockbuster, wore a platinum silver column gown with a cinched and draped waist. The catch? It was crafted from heritage metal mesh, and in line with the actor’s new conscious approach to her press looks.

Jolie glittering in a Versace gown crafted from cast-off silver micro paillettes.

Daniele Venturelli

The investment dresser, who has always invested in quality, forever pieces, has passed this respect for fashion and, indeed, the planet, down to her kids. Just last week, on the LA leg of The Eternals promo tour, she posed in a billowing khaki Balmain look with Zahara, Knox, Vivienne, Shiloh and Maddox wearing upcycled pieces from her wardrobe. From Elie Saab Oscars couture to Gabriela Hearst slip dresses, it was one of the most progressive sustainability flags we have seen waved on the red carpet yet, and indicative of a new green-minded generation.

A closer look at the exquisite drapery on Jolie’s Versace gown. 

Daniele Venturelli

Should this archival mood continue among the Jolie-Pitt contingency, there will be a wealth of other Versace looks to reimagine for now. Jolie, a devotee of Donatella’s school of fashion, has worn dramatic looks from the brand throughout her career, showing a darker, more alluring side to the all-out glamazon aesthetic of the Italian empire. In the early ’10s, Angelina almost single-handedly kept the thigh-high leg split a red-carpet mainstay, while in recent years she has shown a softer side to Donatella’s output, wearing diaphanous dresses in Grecian silhouettes. Let this striking, shimmering moment be a turning point for a new chapter in their relationship – one that’s geared towards sustainability.

Angelina with Marley and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

Daniele Venturelli

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Alice Newbold