Megan Fox Approves of These Vegan Accessory Brands

Both her bag and heels are made with vegan leathers.

Photo: Diggzy/Shutterstock

Time for a double-take: Megan Fox was spotted out in L.A. today in a fashionable look styled by Maeve Reilly, and her outfit bore special, secret details worth a second glance. Two, specifically. She wore a long, black overcoat and paired it with a graphic tee and blue mini skirt (love it or loathe it, mini skirts are back this season). But it was her sleek bag and heels that are headline-worthy: She wore two accessories that are made out of vegan leathers.

Fox’s strappy stiletto sandals, by Femme LA, are made using entirely vegan materials—right down to the glues and dyes used. The star’s structural blue purse, meanwhile, is by Carat23, a Dutch handbag line that makes use of vegan leathers and specializes in unexpected, evening-ready shapes.

Slowly but surely, the market for more fashion-forward vegan products seems to be increasing. Not too long ago, it was a difficult feat to find accessories or clothing items that are vegan-friendly. Even today, the options aren’t as plentiful as they should be. But brands such as Carat23 and Femme LA, as well as Stella McCartney, Osier, and Native Shoes have proven that it is possible to produce today without using animal byproducts. And the best part? Fox’s brands of choice refreshingly showcase how vegan items are virtually undetectable from those made with real leathers. Not to mention, they’re just downright chic. That always helps.


This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire