This TikTok Creator’s Stellar Wardrobe Fuses Modest Style, ’80s Silhouettes, and Thrifting

Hodan Yousuf’s personal style is in a league of its own.

TikTok: Courtesy of @hdnsnotarnd

We all have our proclivities when it comes to fashion—but have you ever heard of a wardrobe that seamlessly combines elements of modest style, 1980s silhouettes, and thrift store finds? That’s exactly what Hodan Yousuf’s closet does. A 27-year-old content creator known as Houdini (@hdnsnotarnd) on TikTok, Yousuf joined the app in October last year, and has gained over 128,000 followers on it since. They flock to her page for her distinctive fashion sense, which is “90 percent thrifted,” and heavy on power blazers, men’s ties, and big shoulder pads.

“I mostly gravitate towards a masculine look, so most of my inspirations come from men's fashion and street style,” she tells Vogue. “I take those ideas and pair them with feminine items, creating a mix of the two silhouettes.” The creator—who is Muslim—adds that she also wants to prove that embracing modest silhouettes doesn’t have to mean sacrificing personal style. “My faith is an important component when it comes to my wardrobe and image,” she says. “The fashion industry lacks proper representation for a lot of minority groups. As an individual in this field, I want to inspire people to have the courage to express themselves, and I hope they can find that through my work.”

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire

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