Giambattista Valli Just Unveiled Your New Favorite Hair Accessory

Bows for spring?

If there’s one thing Giambattista Valli knows how to do, it’s serve up an excellent hair accessory. And this season, that accessory is an elegant white bow, worn either alone or as a pair, tied at the back or occasionally worn beneath pillbox hats or feathered head scarfs for a fun, fresh and feminine update.

Photo: Filippo Fortis /

While hair was swept off the face, there was an emphasis on texture, with some models wearing their hair in cornrows, others keeping their natural afros and still more wearing their hair slicked back with gel for that almost sporty-chic wet-look effect. 

Photo: Filippo Fortis /

As for make-up, things were fresh and clean: dewy summery skin and minimal eye makeup kept attention on the lips, which were painted with a high-shine gloss in a variety of bright reddish-pink hues. And to top it off? Itsy-bitsy metallic sunglasses, worn in lieu of a bold eye, lending a cool edge to  otherwise feminine look.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Tish Weinstock

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