Pattie Gonia Is the Drag Queen Bringing Environmentalism to TikTok

They’ve made upcycled looks out of tents, recycled trash, and more.

TikTok: Courtesy of @pattiegonia

Drag queens are known to bring irreverence—and fabulous outfits!—to the stage. But have you ever seen a performer bring that energy to the hiking trail? That’s what drag queen Pattie Gonia is doing on TikTok: The 29-year-old “environmentalist, drag queen, and professional homosexual” uses their theatrical ensembles and clever videos to promote environmental activism. They’ve even rock-climbed in heels!

Pattie Gonia posted their first TikTok in December 2020, and each TikTok they’ve posted since has been a bold statement about respecting the planet we live on (their videos have garnered over 1 million likes and 127,000 followers.) Among other moments, they’ve turned eliminating waste into a fashion moment: “If you can hold onto your trash boyfriend for two whole years, then you can hold onto this piece of trash for 5 more minutes,” Pattie Gonia will say while picking up discarded trash on the ground, while wearing an elaborate gown made of—what else?—recycled trash. They’ve also recreated a scene from The Sound of Music to make a point about global warming. (“The hills are alive, with the sound of. . . climate change,” they quip.) “My love of drag and the outdoors has always been one in the same,” says Pattie Gonia of their design inspiration. 

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire

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