At Chloé, French Girl Eyeliner Gets a “Surf Punk” Remix

Today at Chloé, the French girl beauty equation got subverted with models sporting sleek, damp lengths and one of two “surf punk” eye makeup looks.

“We liked the idea of the models feeling tough, cool, and wet,” said makeup artist Hannah Murray of the beauty look backstage at today’s Chloé show along the Seine in Paris, where the French girl beauty equation got subverted as models sporting sleek, damp lengths and one of two “surf punk” eye makeup looks.

“I loved the flashes of bold primary colors in the shoes, which were ingeniously repurposed from old flip flops, and wanted to bring a punky gesture to the beauty using those colors,” explains Murray of how she landed on the show’s dual eye statements: The first being a wet-finish metallic silver and blue-black sheer-smudged eye and the other, hyper-sharp, exaggerated strokes of eyeliner in shades of jet black and neon orange. “Black worked immediately and after trying other shades, we settled on neon orange too which felt cool and surf-like,” explained Murray of the razor-sharp shocks of pigment.

Photo: Hannah Murray / @hannah_murray1

To create the “couture-like” and “stiletto-thin” shape, the pro used a thin eyeliner brush to draw on the edgy shape, concentrated on the inner corners, skipped along the lash lines to negative space effect, and then extended out past the brows. “The liner should be kept as horizontal as possible,” says Murray of perfecting the shape. “It shouldn't be angled upwards as this doesn't feel punk.” For an extra dose of sheen, Murray dabbed clear lip gloss on the center of the eye, then skin was perfected with a light veil of foundation and concealer where needed.

“I love that it had a minimalist feel, but created character and attitude,” Murray said of the bold-eye, clean-skin combination—one worth contemplating to punch up the more pared-back complexions we're collectively embracing these days.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Lauren Valenti