‘This Is Me Singing to You Through Makeup Instead of My Voice’: Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her Lyrical New Eye Palette

The latest high-performance product from Gaga’s Haus Labs is stage-proof—and life-proof.

To see Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in the trailer for House of Gucci—Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated film adaptation of the 2001 book that chronicles the real-life crime drama that rocked the Italian fashion house—is to feel as though you’re seeing Reggiani herself. “When it comes to movies, I’m unafraid to challenge myself to look like the character,” Gaga says of the impact hair and makeup (the liner! the lashes! the hair teasing!) had on her ability to embody the heiress turned convicted murderer. 

Makeup’s transformative power is nothing new to the 35-year-old multihyphenate, who has made a business of subverting the sexualized image of pop stardom and challenging notions of gender and authenticity one spiky lash and glitter brow at a time. “Makeup changed my life,” Gaga says without a hint of hyperbole, referring to the products she has accumulated while gracing stages big, small, and enormous. Her beauty brand, Haus Laboratories, which she launched as a startup untethered to a major cosmetics company with a group of co-collaborators including her longtime makeup artist, Sarah Tanno, debuted two years ago with the same ethos. “Our mission is to spread kindness, bravery, and creativity to the world by providing these tools for self-expression and, if you’re so inclined, reinvention,” she explains.

Gaga didn’t become a beauty expert when she became an entrepreneur; knowing her way around long-wear lipstick and cake-free eye shadow has been a job requirement since she started performing more than two decades ago. “I’ve tried so many different products, so creating makeup that could withstand a stage performance was important to me,” she continues, insisting that nothing leaves her brand’s proverbial warehouse without being tested by Gaga herself—every gel eyeliner, every matte lip crayon, and especially her newest drop, the Love for Sale Shadow Palette. Available on September 28, the 18 ultra-saturated shades were created while Gaga was working on her second album with Tony Bennett. Named after the 1930s Cole Porter hit and devoted entirely to Porter’s jazz standards, the record debuts on October 1 and was preceded by two intimate shows in New York this summer.

The Love for Sale palette was named after a Cole Porter song and inspired by the looks Lady Gaga wore while collaborating with Tony Bennett on their new album of the same name.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Celia Ellenberg