Emma Corrin’s High-Drama Manicure Steals the Spotlight at the 2021 Emmys

To complement (or strategically offset) her pale yellow Miu Miu look, Corrin showcased a razor-sharp onyx polish job.

If Emma Corrin's custom Miu Miu moment was a study in streamlined fashion, her manicure took the look to razor-sharp as she attended the London red carpet for the 2021 Emmy Awards. To complement (or strategically offset) her multi-level yellow look, Corrin showcased an onyx polish job that merged futuristic and gothic to pretty (yes, pretty!) effect. Or, as Corrin captioned the look on Instagram: “crucible realness.”

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The work of nail artist Simone “Simmy” Cummings, Corrin's nails were definitely designed to be brandished, a contemporary counter to the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nominee's demure headpiece and elbow-length accessories. Long, sharp, and jet-black, the actress's talons made for a modern moment. A pressing of gilded eyeshadow, pull of rosy blush, and a petal pink lip (each applied by makeup artist Florrie White) coupled with an ample showing of deep roots for a harmonized affair, though Corrin’s red carpet poses proved that the nails were the main event. Thank goodness autumn is nearly here: The time is nigh for a moody manicure. 

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