Megan Fox Debuts a New Set of Bangs at the 2021 Met Gala

After making a splash at last night’s MTV VMAs in true bombshell fashion, Megan Fox managed to turn out an entirely new look at tonight’s Met Gala.

After making a splash at last night's MTV VMAs in true bombshell fashion, Megan Fox managed to turn out an entirely new look at tonight's Met Gala; one that had her channeling none other than fellow sex symbol Bettie Page.

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A lady in red, Fox wore a crystal-embellished Dundas gown with strategic slits, the skin-baring look calling for an equally sleek updo, one that ultimately hinged on a fresh set of bangs and a sexy, serpentine braid. "I saw the dress and immediately wanted to mix sleek and modern with something pin-up, which I’ve been wanting to do with Megan for a while," her hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons tells Vogue. "I have always loved Bettie Page’s bangs so I decided to do a sleek braid with a more symmetrical, modern version." After giving Fox her trompe l'oeil micro fringe, Fitzsimons slicked her lengths back into a high-slung, derrière-skimming braid that swung to and fro as she posed on the red carpet.

Putting her own modern twist on the pin-up legend's hair signature, Fox continues to do everything on her own terms. As Fox said on Vogue's Met Gala livestream, "I'm not afraid to be sexy. A woman who is intelligent and also knows how to weaponize her beauty… there's nothing more dangerous than that. There's nothing more powerful than that."

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This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Lauren Valenti

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