Lil Nas X Put His Spin on the Prom Dress at the VMAs

It’s half-suit, half-gown—but 100 percent unique.

In a way, award shows are the prom night of the music industry. Stars, and many couples at that, take to the red carpet in their finest, glitziest attire while hoping to be crowned the kings and queens of the night (in their respective nominated categories, that is). Knowing this, rapper Lil Nas X—who is performing with Jack Harlow tonight—hit the MTV VMAs red carpet in his take on a blingy prom dress, subverting it in the process. He rocked a lilac design that was half-gown, half-suit—but 100 percent unique.

The musician’s crystal-covered look, designed by Versace, featured the structured shape of a mensy tuxedo blazer and trousers, yet had a swath of trailing fabric on the left which acted like the elegant train of a dress. The soft, lavender hue all over was an unexpected color choice, but proved to be surprisingly fresh when set against the dazzling studs of jewels overtop. The star also gets bonus points for matching his square-toe boots perfectly to the look. If the VMAs were to ever have a Prom King? It would definitely be him.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire

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