Avril Lavigne Makes a Glorious Return to the MTV VMAs

The Canadian singer hasn’t attended since 2003, but her look made up for lost time.

In the early 2000s, you simply couldn’t turn on a music awards show without seeing Avril Lavigne. The Canadian pop-rock singer was at the top of the charts, thanks to her singles like “Sk8r Boi” and “Complicated.” The last time she attended the MTV VMAs was back in 2003, when she hit the red carpet in a laced-up corset as she and her pal, Kelly Osbourne, flipped off the paparazzi. Talk about iconic! Tonight, however, the star made her grand return to the Video Music Awards after more than 18 years away—and her stellar look, which was true to her signature punk aesthetic, certainly made up for lost time.

In the past she has worn everything from baggy cargo pants to men’s ties on the red carpet, but this time she played up her love of menswear in a fresh, new way. She wore a pink, plaid suit by Area that was cropped to reveal a crystal bra top by Cristahlea underneath (her bejeweled Jimmy Choo pouch bag was just as sparkly). It was the perfect nod to her early-aughts style, which leaned into grunge, while bringing it forward. Area is one of fashion’s buzziest labels, and certainly a celebrity-favorite, too.

Photo: Getty Images

The best part about Lavigne’s return to the red carpet, though? The fact that her boyfriend, Mod Sun, who is also a musician, totally clashed against her (while matching her punk energy) in a patchwork suit and neon green hair. The night’s most eccentric couple, they rocked the carpet in a way that was 100 percent, wholeheartedly them. Cheers to individuality!

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Christian Allaire

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