You Better Believe Paris Hilton Uses Cooking Utensils Covered in Crystals

Her series "Cooking with Paris" is now streaming on Netflix.

Paris Hilton is sitting at the expansive island in her kitchen, looking as glam as one would assume, with Instagram-worthy treats (unicorn cannolis, anyone?) and appetizers expertly curated when I sign on for our Zoom interview. If you've seen the trailer for her new series Cooking with Paris, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Everything is sparkly, state-of-the-art, and ready to fall apart at a moment's notice, hence the tagline “a Netflix ‘cooking’ series.” 

While I'm skeptical when Paris tells me she's “been in the kitchen all morning, just getting everything ready," (no offense to her…I just don't know how you create a spread worthy of brunch at the Four Seasons while also looking like you could walk the red carpet at Cannes; and if there is a way, I want to know!), I'm also happy to suspend disbelief. This is, after all, a show designed with fun and fantasy in mind. 

But things go wrong, and Paris loves when they do, as evidenced by nearly every moment in the trailer. “I knew it was going to be amazing, but when I saw the trailer, I was just dying, laughing,” she tells me. “All my friends and family said it reminded them of The Simple Life. It's so much fun.”

The six-episode series premieres August 4 and features superstars like Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, and more, but Paris being Paris is reason enough to tune in. She says the pandemic forced her to learn how to cook at home; besides, with a schedule that starts at 6 A.M. and goes until late at night, she says she doesn't really have time to go to dinner anyway. “My fiancé (Carter Reum) loves everything I make, so I always love to impress him with my new cooking skills," she says. 


So just what are those new cooking skills? For Glamour's latest installment of How I Eat At Home, Paris filled us in on that and much, much more. 

Glamour: Netflix says your new series will show how you “navigate new ingredients, new recipes, and exotic kitchen appliances." What are these new ingredients you're navigating, as well as these exotic kitchen appliances?

Paris Hilton: Well, I wanted the show to be fun and very Paris, so I ‘Parisized’ all the recipes. They are all very unique, very different, and very entertaining to watch us put together. And for my exotic appliances…all of my cooking utensils are either crystallized in Swarovski crystals, or they're just fun, bright colors, or shaped like chihuahuas or diamonds. It's a very eclectic and fashionable kitchen.

Does a crystallized spatula actually work?

It does work. But you have to be careful because sometimes the crystals fall off into the food. I do say to be careful sometimes when you're chewing on my food.

Do you color coordinate your kitchen appliances? 

Yes, with sparkles and rainbows. I just like it to be fun. I also like to wear certain outfits that have to do with the theme of the episode or the food. When I was with Demi Lovato, I was trying to make these heart shape raviolis—which was very difficult, by the way—so I wore this beautiful heart dress. It's fun to dress on theme. 

Kit Karzen/Netflix 

What is your all-time favorite food?

I love Lucky Charms cereal, especially on French toast. It's so good. I'm obsessed with cereal.

Is there a chef you would most want to spend time with in the kitchen?

There are two chefs who I actually have been in the kitchen with, and that is Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg. They are so much fun to cook with together.

What are the four staples that are always in your kitchen? 

Of course, all of my crystallized spatulas. And I love vanilla honey, which I like putting on almost everything. Truffles, I love. And Lucky Charms.

What is an impulse food buy or kitchen utensil you can never pass up?

I just love things that are really just cute that make me smile, like a Judith Leiber bag with crystals and a rainbow, or one with angel wings. I know it's random to have handbags or clutches on the kitchen counter, but I like to do things my way. It puts me in a good mood.

It's why we love you. Speaking of things that bring you happiness, what's your favorite comfort food? 

Foods that are probably not healthy, like French toast with Lucky Charms. Pizza. Macaroni and cheese. Comfort food to me is, like, kid food, and I'm such a kid at heart. So I really like that.

What did you get really good at cooking during the pandemic? What's a quintessential Paris dish?

There were so many things that I learned how to cook. The pandemic was the only time in my career that I've been at home so long because I was used to traveling 250 days out of the year. I've had so much time at home with my fiancé, and I've loved to impress him with my cooking skills. One thing I learned on the cooking show was to cook a frittata, which I did with Kim [Kardashian]. My fiancé loves it, so I make that for him almost every single weekend for brunch.

Is there a certain ingredient that makes your frittata extra special?

I always add my own ingredients. You're supposed to put cream, but I actually found this amazing vanilla almond milk. It makes the frittata taste so sweet, like that salty and sweet together. It's so delicious. I would recommend that to anyone who's making a frittata. It's a new way.

Do you have a favorite midday snack?

I usually like to have cereal. I have all different types, so either Lucky Charms, Rice Krispies, Captain Crunch, or Cocoa Puffs. I'm not the healthiest eater.

You're going to need a Lucky Charms campaign.

Yeah, I know. If they are listening, hi.

Do you clean up after you cook, or do you have someone else do that for you?

A little bit of both. Sometimes when it's just very hectic, I'll have someone help me. But when I was cooking with Kim Kardashian, she taught me to clean as you go. So I'm going to try to use that tip more often.

It's true. It definitely helps. What do appreciate about cooking and being in the kitchen?

I just love it. I love food. I've always been a foodie. And I love being creative; it's like an art for me. I don't really like following recipes or reading rules. I just feel it and put things in, and it ends up tasting even better than the original. How I have fun with fashion, I like having fun with food.

Do you listen to any music while you're cooking?

Yes. I listen to my songs. I love "Stars Are Blind." That's a really good one to cook to. And anything by Britney Spears.

With fall approaching, is there a dish that you look most forward to eating or making?

I love stuffing. On the show, I learned how to make a Thanksgiving turkey. I had no idea it was so hard to make and so gross, pulling the things out of it. It was traumatizing. But now I have a bigger appreciation for all of the moms and dads out there who make the Thanksgiving turkey. A lot of work goes into it.

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14. 

This story originally appeared on: Glamour - Author:Condé Nast

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