Meghan Markle and Melissa McCarthy Made a Hilarious Video Together for Meghan's 40th Birthday

The two teamed up for an important reason.

True to form, Meghan Markle is using her birthday to bring awareness to a cause dear to her heart: supporting women re-entering the workforce. And she teamed up with one of your favorite actors to do it. In a new video on the Archewell Foundation website, Markle chats about the topic with another MM, Melissa McCarthy, who wears floral prints and pearls for the occasion.

The video is for Markle's “40 x 40” initiative, in which she asked 40 friends—actors, activists, and mentors–to donate 40 minutes of their time to help a woman re-entering the workforce. Markle's letter accompanying the video cites how the upheaval of the pandemic disproportionately affected professional women, many of whom either lost their jobs or had to pivot to childcare, while their male counterparts were less affected. She also invites anyone reading the letter to join the movement and pledge 40 minutes. Clock starts now!

Watch Markle and McCarthy's video for yourself, below: 

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Since it's Melissa McCarthy, the video also includes plenty of lighter moments. Please see: McCarthy's suggestion she and Markle get matching “besties forever” tattoos (Meghan's in…maybe) or her desire for a Suits reunion (Markle's down, but not right now). In between their banter, we also get a pretty good look at Markle's home office. She's got pictures of her family on her desk!

Prince Harry makes a cameo, juggling outside Markle's window, which cracks everyone up. He's a decent juggler! He's got that two-handed trick going! 

According to People, Meghan Markle's friends who have taken the pledge include Adele, Amanda Gorman, Amanda Nguyen, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Gloria Steinem, José Andrés, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, and Stella McCartney. Sounds like good company to be in. 

“If you’re able, can you commit 40 minutes in service of others today?” McCarthy wrote on Instagram. “In the past two years, tens of millions of women around the world have departed the workforce and communities everywhere are in need of support. Together, we can do something to help.”

This story originally appeared on: Glamour - Author:Condé Nast

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