The Best Beauty Moments in Olympics History

From bold lips to bedazzled cheeks, Olympians have been known to spark beauty trends. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics games in full swing, Vogue revisits the best beauty moments shown on the world stage.

From breaking records to inspiring a sense of global kinship even in the darkest moments of our shared history, Olympians continue to represent the sheer power of human determination against all odds. 

Every four years, the world tunes in to see feats of athletic prowess along with the fashion-forward roster of team uniforms. With brands like Telfar and Ralph Lauren taking the lead on country uniforms, the Olympics have become an international runway where designers flex their abilities to not only create looks that move with ease but also shed light on national identity and culture.

Yet the beauty looks of each athlete are worth a pedestal of their own. Whether its bold lips and bedazzled cheeks or more subtle beauty signatures like a delicate, matching scrunchie, the choices Olympians make often go beyond serving a pretty face. They represent confidence, breaking down stereotypes, and most importantly, hope—for a future in which individual expression is celebrated.  

Now that the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games are in full swing, what better time than to revisit some of the best beauty moments shown on the world stage. 

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Wilma Rudolph

Wilma Rudolph built up a reputation for wearing a pixie during her running years. Flattering and efficient, the haircut not only beautifully framed her face but it came to represent a female athlete liberated from beauty standards that have historically placed more emphasis on looks than performance.

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Michella Oré