Logan Roy Goes ‘Full F-cking Beast’ in New ‘Succession’ Trailer

He's been holding back?!

After a season-two cliff-hanger that left our jaws on the floor, the pandemic halted production on everyone's favorite HBO dramedy, Succession. But now it's back and juicier than ever. In a just-released teaser for the third season, we see Kendall getting ready to go to war with his dad. It looks like his sister, Shiv, is caught in the crosshairs, with Tom, Roman, and, off to the sides, Connor, each trying to figure out what side they're on.

The most hilarious part of the teaser comes at the end, when Brian Cox as Logan Roy snarls into his cell phone that he's going to grind Kendall's bones to make his bread, a message that is relayed by an aide to Kendall, who scrambles and tries to keep up with the Jack and the Giants metaphor. “Okay! Tell him I'm gonna…run up off the…fucking beanstalk.” 

“He's kind of laughing, but not, like, nice laughing,” the aide says. 

Watch the tantalizing clip here:


What we don't see in this trailer? Any mention of the coronavirus. As TV shows pick up filming once again, only some are choosing to incorporate the events of 2020 into their narratives. Superstore and Grey's Anatomy both embraced the pandemic as a story opportunity, but it looks like some shows are choosing to gloss over it. 

Here's everything we do know about Succession season three:

When does season three premiere? October 17 at 9 p.m. ET! HBO announced the news with three different posters that pit different members of the Roy family on Team Logan and Team Kendall. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? The only consistent player is Cousin Greg, who remains firmly on Team Kendall, but how long will that last?

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How many episodes? Get ready for nine more nail-biting hours with the Roys.

What is the premise of season three? “Ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall at the end of season two, Logan Roy begins season three in a perilous position, scrambling to secure familial, political, and financial alliances,” an HBO press release reads. "Tensions rise as a bitter corporate battle threatens to turn into a family civil war."

You can see this civil war start to play out in the first full trailer, which was released on September 17. Get ready, because Logan Roy is ready to go “full fucking beast.”

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We can't wait. 

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