Peter Do Announces His First New York Fashion Week Runway Show

Peter Do will open a reborn New York Fashion Week on September 8; his show will mark the beginning of the spring 2022 ready-to-wear season.

Peter Do made it to the Saturday Night Live stage before ever appearing on a New York runway when host Anya Taylor-Joy wore a silvery slip dress finished with a feather corsage from his fall 2021 collection for her monologue at the show’s season finale last month. That’s not how these things usually go, but Do’s confident, edgy aesthetic has never required a catwalk to get noticed.

Still, the runway is a rite of passage for nascent brands and Do and his 14-person team have decided this is their time. He’s joining the New York Fashion Week schedule and he’s nabbed the opening slot on September 8 at 5 pm. It’s a big moment. Do’s first show will take place amidst a reborn New York Fashion Week, with live events returning for the first time since February 2020. It’s a start-over moment for the industry, and Do, a designer who’s been determined to do things his own way since his start circa 2017—shunning the runway, showing on the men’s calendar to ensure early deliveries, turning his back to the camera for photographs—has an opportunity to change the standard operating procedure of fashion week while carving out his own niche. 

Do promises a “more immersive” experience than what we’d grown used to pre-pandemic. “The focus will return to the show experience and garment artistry, and [will be] less about the surrounding spectacle of fashion week,” he predicts. Here’s a few more of his thoughts on the subject. 

The first few times we met you talked specifically about not doing shows. What changed for you?

A physical show is our reaction to a digital overload we’ve all experienced since the start of the pandemic. We’ve arrived at a time where we crave physical touch and intimate experiences. I don’t think every collection needs a show, but it proves to be a successful format when it’s done right. Every season we are one step closer to fully fleshing out the Peter Do world, and with our own bags (handmade in Italy) debuting for spring 2022, the universe feels more complete. To show for the first time finally feels “right” at this moment.

Spring 2022 promises to be a busy week of shows in New York. What will make the Peter Do show stand out?

This story originally appeared on: Vogue - Author:Nicole Phelps