Roller Skates Are So Popular It’s Nearly Impossible to Get a Pair

We found the last few styles on the internet.

If you've been on TikTok lately, you've probably heard the news: Roller skaters are having a moment. With the retro pastime taking over the internet, everyone's wondering where to buy roller skates, and thanks to impossibly cool and coordinated women on the video-sharing app, they're largely sold out. Getting your hands on a pair of skates is harder than ever before—or at least since Cher wore zebra-print spandex with matching skates in the 1979 video for "Hell on Wheels." What a time.

People on Twitter are crediting Ana Coto for the massive spike in sales. The L.A.-based actor and dancer has been posting roller-skating clips on TikTok for months, but one remarkably smooth shot showing her drifting down the street at golden hour to J.Lo's "Jenny From the Block" went viral, garnering 15 million views and counting. It's easy to see why—the effortless vibe is hard to look away from and convinced us that we, too, need roller skates immediately. (And don't forget safety gear, like knee pads.)

With summer close at hand, trying your hand at outdoor skating, whether with roller skates or—for the serious skaters among us—inline skates (a.k.a. rollerblades), feels like a natural next step. With temperatures peaking and few places to go, a loop around the block on your outdoor wheels is a breezy solution for cabin fever, and it's more fun than your regular mental health power walk.

With the urgent need to channel Farrah Fawcett's derby vibe ASAP, we scoured all the sporting good stores and skate shops on web to find out where to buy roller skates right now; whether you're looking for toe stops, ankle support, or speed skate options, you've got some choices to make. Some orders may take a few weeks to ship due to high demand, but it's worth the wait—even if you can't go get a ’70s-inspired blowout to complete the look. Shop our favorite picks below, and the next time you need a breath of fresh air, strap on our outdoor roller skates and you'll be on your way to the viral TikToker's level of cool.

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