Everyone's Getting the 'Modern Rachel Haircut' Right Now

Clearly they've been binging 'Friends', too.

Friends fever has reached new heights as The Reunion revisited some of the sitcom's most iconic episodes and fashion moments. The throwback scenes served up peak nineties style: Think vintage denim Levis, slip dresses thrown over T-shirts and platform sandals. And, of course, it re-focused our attention on one of the most famous haircuts in pop culture history... The Rachel.

Since the teaser for the reunion first aired, demand for the Rachel hairstyle has skyrocketed by 179%, according to beauty retailer, Just My Look.

During the height of the show’s popularity, salons across the world became inundated with requests for Aniston’s haircut, and now that a new generation has connected with the cut, it looks like things are heading in the same direction.

The bad news is, The Rachel is notoriously hard to style thanks to the flicky layers. The good news is that TikTok's on hand with inspo. #RachelGreen currently has 570.6 million views on the video sharing platform, while #90shair has 44.2 million views with Gen Zers recreating Jen's famous blow dry.

One TikToker, @asapabes wrote "trying to do rachel's signature hairstyle" before side-parting and sectioning her hair, blow-drying the lengths away from her face with a hot barrel brush, then pinning with rollers.

Another user, @sarahhdls, hot brushed her hair from damp to dry to set the fluffy, flicky layers in place.

 Over on the 'gram The Rachel's been having a revival, too. Our fave hair guru, @salsalhair posted The Rachel 2.0 complete with choppy face-framing layers.

Influencers like Mariama have been bringing back flicky blow dries.

And as with last time, when Tyra Banks and Christina Aguilera gave the cut their own rendition, celebs like Millie Bobby Brown and Hailey Bieber have been nodding to the trend with choppy face-framing layers.

And, for a little extra help, the beauty experts at Justmylook have shared three simple steps on how to style The Rachel at home.

"The Rachel works best on hair just above your shoulders as this length really shows that '90s cut. However, if your hair is a few inches below your shoulders you can add a new modern revamp to this iconic '90s look. As The Rachel consists of many layers, it will help give your hair a lot of body by surrounding your face in a heart shape and framing it perfectly," they say...

Step 1:

“It's key to make sure your hair is light and fluffy avoid leaving your hair too long between washes. Using a volumizing shampoo will be your best bet for this hairstyle.”

Step 2:

“After washing and while your hair is still damp, apply a couple of drops of oil or serum, to give your hair a smooth texture for styling.”

Step 3:

"To finish the look, blow dry your hair over a rounded brush and avoid straightening it as this will take away the volume you have created!"

This story originally appeared on Glamour UK. 

This story originally appeared on: Glamour - Author:Elle Turner

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