The ‘Wolf Cut’ is Summer's Coolest Take on The Shag

It's easier to pull off than it sounds.

"I'm not gon' do it... I'm just thinking about it..." Those words have become the soundtrack to one of the choppiest hair trends taking over TikTok at the moment.

The 'wolf cut' (which incidentally has 108 million views on the app and is up on Pinterest by 75%) is an audacious mash-up of two of this season's most drastic cuts. The shag and the mullet.

As its name suggests, the wolf cut is a little wild, thanks to loads of shaggy, wavy layers; and it's fierce, courtesy of the ballsy shorter mullet-like layers at the front which require a ton of attitude to pull off. The trademark is lots of volume at the top, that tapers towards the bottom, finished off with a heavy bang or side-bang. The key, is to look just the right amount of feral to give the style a relaxed, cool-girl feel, but not so radical that it's impossible to style.

The great news is, the cut does a lot of the hard work for you. You might be able to get away with misting in some texturiser and roughing up your hair with your hands. However, just know, if your strands are naturally straight and sleek this won't be a wash and go situation. "Everyone wants a wolf cut until they realise... ur [sic] hair will be flat unless you style it," one TikToker called Maddy wrote.

Already, its fans include Billie Eilish who recently debuted a softer, bleached blonde spin of the cut.

But you can take it as dramatic as you like by dialing the mullet element up or down. Here's 6 ways to wear the trend.

1. Wolf cut with a deep mullet.

Actress and singer, Debby Ryan took the mullet aesthetic further back into her hair-line for a layered fringe that extends to her ear. It's a little badass but totally wearable, too.

2. Wolf cut with light layers.

This has the classic wolf cut shape, fuller at the top, tapered at the bottom. The flicky lobe-length layers give it structure but it still feels more laid back and less drastic than other renditions.

3. Curly wolf cut.

Craft curls by stacking them on top then trimming them toward the bottom.

4. Extreme wolf cut.

An wild way to wear the trend, opt for ultra shaggy layers at the top with an extreme taper toward the bottom.

5. Wolf cut for short hair.

One of the most popular way to wear the cut. Keep things cute by exaggerating the flick at the bottom.

6. Soft wolf cut.

Don't want to fully commit? Opt for a softer nod to the shape with a few choppy layers around the crown.

This story originally appeared on Glamour UK.

This story originally appeared on: Glamour - Author:Elle Turner

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