Your Pisces Monthly Horoscope for February

Happy b-day!!!

Add these dates to your GCal:

  • February 11: New Moon in Aquarius
  • February 17: Saturn square Uranus
  • February 18: Pisces season begins
  • February 20: Mercury Retrograde ends
  • February 27: Full Moon in Virgo

    Hello, Pisces! This is a very special month…but before we get to the real celebration (spoiler alert: your f*cking b-day season) there are a few other celestial milestones that are—believe it or not—also significant. First up, the Moon meets the Sun in Aquarius on February 11, kicking off a new 28-day cycle fueled by emotion, intention, and desire. During this lunation, the sky is completely dark—there’s no nocturnal illumination during the velvety New Moon phase. Accordingly, this night gives you a special opportunity to look inward, exploring your internal realities as opposed to your external circumstances. Never mind the physical world—you should be focusing almost exclusively on your feelings. If you’ve been trying to push through a particularly sticky situation, this New Moon will help you cancel out the noise and dial up your intuition. What do you want to do, Pisces? When in doubt, trust yourself!

    Then, on February 17, Saturn aligns with Uranus, forming an astronomical alignment that hasn’t occurred since literally Y2K. Yes, it’s been 21 years…but just like Juicy tracksuits are making a comeback, the Saturn-Uranus square is showing up in a major way! For you, this 90º angle will feel a bit…uncomfortable. After all, Saturn is all about commitment and Uranus is constantly rebelling. These are very different energies! But just like Von Dutch hats and vintage lace slips somehow defined the look and feel of 2000, Saturn-Uranus squares are the signature transit of 2021. These head honchos will link up again on June 14 and December 24. Keep a close eye on events that occur mid-month. What are themes? Who’s involved? What’s at stake? This narrative will continue to unfold over the next 11 months, so even if things feel a little abstract and disconnected in the moment, trust that the story is just getting started.

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    And finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: On February 18, the Sun cruises into your sky—meaning it’s officially your birthday season. Happy solar return, Pisces love (that’s how astrologers wish people happy birthday)! This is a special time for you to celebrate your unique magic! Do you like presents? I bet you do, and generous Mercury is hooking you up with the most thoughtful gift. On February 20, it's wrapping up its backwards spin. That’s right, Pisces, Mercury Retrograde is ending, so go ahead and host the most fabulous, otherworldly, mermaid-themed Zoom party. Sure, this year isn’t normal…but you’re a super adaptable, ethereal sea creature. You’ll make it work!

    Finally, the month concludes with a Full Moon in Virgo (your opposite sign) on February 27. What will be revealed beneath the moonlight? During this electric lunation, it’s likely that you’ll make a breakthrough discovery about a very close companion. But don’t get freaked out, Pisces love, this is actually a very good thing! Full Moons don’t make things happen, they simply expose what already exists. In other words, this lunation will help you see the situation more clearly, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or open conversations under this enchanted sky. Whatever happens, make sure that nothing kills your vibe. After all, it’s your birthday season! You deserve to shine!

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    This story originally appeared on: Cosmopolitan - Author:Aliza Kelly

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